Best Stabilizers

If you only knew one thing and one thing only about hunting then you’d better make sure that thing is to know that silence is critical when it comes to your hunt.  From walking more stealthily to stripping all the odor off of us before we leave the house, our main goal is to go undetected, and what better way to go undetected then by minimizing the amount of noise we are giving off while we hunt.

Aside from tip-toeing your way through the woods, you’ll want to make sure your bow is making as little noise as possible so that you can prevent lost game.  To do this, I use this edgy looking stabilizer called the NAP Apache Stabilizer.  This little guy here has not only helped me cut back on noise, but back on vibration as well, resulting in cleaner shots.

I love this particular stabilizer because it has caused very noticeable changes in my bows performance and also because of the overall look it has.  I currently own the black version, but am currently looking to invest in the camo one as well, and this is really only for visual purposes.  I love this thing and I 100% feel that you will, too.

Check out the specs – 

  • 8 inches long
  • Tremendously reduces bow noise
  • Keeps your shot clean and crisp for more accurate shots

I’ve owned this stabilizer for a little over a year and still have zero complaints about it.  If you want something that will over-deliver and give you that hunting experience that you’re looking for, then the NAP Apache Stabilizer is definitely for you.


Weighing at 7.5 ounces, the Apache will give you what you’re looking for by adding that right amount of front-end weight to your bow to give your shot the accuracy that will help you greatly when shooting.  As a hunter, you might know that hunting can be a long and frustrating process when you’re trying to get that perfect kill, so don’t let noise ruin your trip and invest in something that will make your hunting experience all worthwhile.