Best Bow Slings

Shoulder Sling

I’m all about comfortability when it comes to hunting.  If I’m not, comfortable, then it can throw my whole game off.  So, in addition to the wrist sling that I already have, I went ahead and switched brands and upgraded to the Primos Neoprene Sling

What made this such an easy transition for me was that it came from a trusted and reliable company that many of my friends and family have turned to for their archery needs over the years.  I’ve found that this sling has given me what I was looking for plus some.

Here are some features and benefits that attracted me to this sling –   

  • Removal from bow case causes very little noise
  • Security straps and snap buckles guarantee bow safety
  • EVA molded
  • Neoprene to protect the components of your bow
  • Designed for only the toughest situations  

This sling offers trustability, comfortability, and durability… what more could you ask for?  If you’re a hunter who likes to keep your equipment safe and hunts relaxing, then this is definitely for you.

Wrist Sling

The wrist sling I use along with my shoulder sling is the Easton Stiff Sling. The material that this sling is made of ensures long-term durability.  I picked this particular sling up a few years ago and it is still holding up really well. 

With the shoulder and wrist combination, you can’t go wrong.  Not only do I love it because of how well it holds up, but because of the fact that it is made by Easton, and if you know anything about Easton, then you know that they are a very respected company in the archery world.

Here are a few quick features that caught my interest –

  • Stiff material
  • Allows you to grip your bow quickly

If you decide to go with this sling, you will find pretty quickly that nothing short of what Easton provides.  Due to the high quality of products that Easton provides, I have and will forever be a customer of them.


These two slings together are one hell of a combo.  With the comfort of the Primos Neoprene Sling and the durability of the Easton Stiff Sling, you’re more than ready to tackle on whatever hunt you have ahead of you.  If you’re new to archery and are wondering if you need a sling or not, then the answer in my opinion is and always will be yes.

Slings will not only keep your shooting arm relaxed so you can avoid muscle fatigue and decreased accuracy in your shot, but will keep your equipment protected as well, so to me having a sling is always worth it.