Best Archery Rests

Every hunter has two goals, and that is to shoot fast and shoot accurate. Over my many years of being involved with hunting and archery, the debate on whether a whisker biscuit or rest is the better choice when shooting your bow has been a sensitive subject to touch on and usually results in different archers having different inputs on which one they think is better, but, in my opinion, it all comes down to the archer and how much experience he or she has.

I honestly don’t think it matters much on which one you go with, but if I were asked to recommend something that will hold my arrows in place, then I would recommend a rest every time, and this is primarily because of the fact that rests are what I’ve always used the majority of my hunting journey and have found that I’ve had the best experience with them.  All in all, though, it all just comes down to preference.

If you only prefer whisker biscuits and want to try your hand at something new or are just in the market for a new rest, then I think I have exactly what you need.

Drop-Away Rest

Don’t get me wrong, I like using a whisker biscuit from time to time, but when it comes to hunting, I always have my Ultra-Rest HDX attached.  The reason I mainly prefer to hunt with drop-away rests instead of whisker biscuits is simply because I like to make sure all of my shots are accurate and fast and I feel that I don’t fully get that when shooting with a whisker biscuit. 

This drop-away has shown me time and time again that it is capable of over-delivering, so I think it’s safe to say that I’m one happy hunter.

Here are a few things I really like about the Ultra-Rest HDX

  • Curved capture bar for versatility
  • Total arrow containment
  • Adjusts with cord lock or clamp easily
  • Noise reducing felt and cubber dampeners
  • Aluminum, stainless steel and Delrin components

Years later and this rest is still going strong for me.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, this rest will get the job done.  If you’re like me and obsess over your arrows speed and accuracy, then this rest is definitely one to check out. 

I test different rests on a regular basis, so if you see me recommend more in the future, you better believe it’s been through hell and back before I make that recommendation public to you guys.oos



I personally believe that you can save a small amount of accuracy and speed when it comes to using drop-away rests, but do I think it will make a huge difference in your shot, no.  A lot of hunters depend on their equipment to get them where they need to be as far as shooting skills go, but a good majority fail to realize that the only people who’ve perfected their shot spent many, many hours practicing. 

Yes, having the right equipment is very important when it comes to shooting a bow, but it shouldn’t be something you rely on too much to better your skills as an archer.  I’m not saying that you should buy any ole’ archery equipment that you see, but if you want to get where the very skilled archers are then you have to invest time in yourself.